Who I am

Hey there!

My name is Manuel, I am 29 years old and currently living in Salzburg, Austria.

I earn my living as a hardware development engineer where I calculate, simulate, measure, test, develop and burn electronics; besides I'm a huge icehockey fan (my original hometown is Villach!) and I love skiing!

I am very passionate about gameart and gamedesign and love working in Blender. I started to use Blender for creating 3D-models in 2018 and subsequently improved my skills by learning from other great artists on YouTube (you can find a list of my recommendations down below).

By 2020 a very good friend of mine (@firetotemgames) recommended me to post my creations online and so I started my twitter journey. People seemed to like the kind of artwork I do, which motivated me to go on more intensively. Shortly after my appearance online I also got the opportunity to create my own assets for a game!

I am still in the process of learning - which I believe will never end - and I want to stay as passionate and creative as the first time I installed Blender!

If you have any questions, recommendations, suggestions, critique or hints about my website or my creations, feel free to write me a mail or a PM on twitter.

Enjoy your stay!

YouTube recommendations

Here is a dedicated list (no special sorting) of who I can recommend to follow on YouTube and other social media websites. Since I learned Blender from scratch and taught it myself, these dudes were basically everything I had to start off!

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